The THERMAL FEATURE is achieved through the use of Phase Change Materials: latent heat accumulators which exploit the phenomenon of the transaction phase to absorb the incoming energy flows and which store a large amount of energy thus keeping its constant temperature. The PCM (originally developed by NASA and examined for some years in numerous applications where it is necessary to combine flexibility, breathability and heat transfer in a single product) are solid at room temperature, but when this one rises and exceeds a certain threshold, which varies depending on the material, they liquefy accumulating the heat present in the room. Similarly, when the temperature drops, the material solidifies and gives off heat.

Interview with Prof. Massimiliano Lanzi - Università di Bologna


Unlike other bacteriostatic products on the market, the special ULTRAFRESH treatment which our polyurethane foam undergoes, exploits the natural capability of silver to resist to the proliferation of bacteria and moulds, which are causes of dirty, smells and decomposition

Interview with Dr. Domenico Mezzino - Ultrafresh -